Personal Training

One-on-One Training

Our one-on-one training services start with a 90-minute assessment of your overall health, target heart rate, strength and flexibility, lifestyle and goal setting. Then, we will develop a training program that is customized just for you.

As you begin your program, you will learn proper techniques, be introduced to free weights, exercise, machines and core strength training. We specialize in keeping you motivated by diversifying your workouts so they never become routine and boring. In the beginning, we suggest a minimum of two times per week.

Progress improves with more time invested in your health, including exercising at home if you can. Reevaluations are completed every 4-6 weeks. As you become more and more in control of your health and fitness, you can reduce your supervised workout time. Couple and small group training is also available and really very affordable for most everyone.

Our training programs are designed to:

  • Reduce Body Mass Index & Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Increase Overall Muscle Strength and Athletic Conditioning
  • Improve Aerobic Conditioning
  • Increase Large & Small Muscle Group Flexibility
  • Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Improve Posture & Core Strength
  • Increase Bone Density and Reverse Osteopeña
  • Improve Balance and Reduce Falls
  • Minimize Injuries from Workouts

However all workouts are designed to work on your individual issues and concerns which may change from week-to-week. Please feel free to keep us abreast of any challenges that arise between workout sessions.

It’s all about improving the quality of your life. Today.

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