New Client Information & Forms


Monthly payments in advance

Charges for cancelations for less than 24-hour


Equipment Checklist (what you’ll need)

  • Professionally-fitted, comfortable and supportive sneakers to be used only for your workouts
  • Quality sports bra for women (Reebok or Champion)
  • Breathable, wicking athletic or spandex shorts, Capris or pants
  • Wicking athletic top
  • White, cotton sports or wicking socks
  • Hand towel
  • Filled bottle with water, Gatorade, etc. (your preference)
  • People with long hair should use something to keep your hair from flying in your face
  • Do not wear any jewelry during workouts
  • Heart rate monitor (beneficial, but optional)
  • Bring a lock for FLEX lockers to protect your valuables
  • Weight training gloves, knee braces, wrist bands or “tennis elbow” bands