About Helene

Why did I become a personal trainer?

At the age of 20 an auto accident left me unable to walk and in need of a total knee reconstruction. After many months of rehabilitation, my perspective on life had changed. It made me realize that I wanted to dedicate myself to helping others achieve their fitness goals in spite of even the most difficult hurdles.

I went on to receive my personal training certification from The Cooper Institute and have over 20 years experience in developing and implementing unique fitness programs for each individual.

Like many of my clients, I understand that there are numerous physiological changes associated with aging. My goal is to help each person – regardless of age – approach every day without sacrificing the activities enjoyed most in life, whether it is gardening, swimming, or running marathons.

My Credentials

  • 1996: Master Specialist in Personal Training Certification, Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX
  • 1997 to Present: Continuing Education Training at Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
  • 1998 to 2003: Personal Trainer, Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester
  • 1999 to Present: Owner, Helene’s Health & Fitness
  • 2008: Certified by Breast Cancer Survivor’s Fitness Training Program, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • 2008 to Present: Personal Trainer for Cancer Wellness Connections, Rochester, NY
Helene Sallerson

I get the most satisfaction helping clients become fully functional once again.

Success Stories

Helene has rare gifts she dedicates to helping clients. She intuitively knows what your body needs, how far to push, how to adapt stretches and strengthening to accommodate painful muscles and joints, and does it all with her beautiful smile and good-humor. The hands-on stretching she does is unique. She is a healer and I feel lucky to work with her. To know her is to love her. Jane S.

Over the past 10 years, Helene’s guidance and support have helped me to lose weight and keep it off. I now enjoy the challenge of improving my time in 5K races and I am in the best shape of my life-in my mid-40’s. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without Helene. My time with her is the best investment I have ever made! Wendy S.

I work out with Helene three times a week and it is the highlight of my day. I walk out wet from head-to-toe knowing that I am adding years to and improving the quality of my life. Helene knows how to diversify the workouts to keep you from getting bored. Yet, she pushes me beyond my strengths, endurance and flexibility limits. If I miss a training session or two, I can really feel the difference. Karen M.

When I met Helene, I was 48 years old and 35 pounds overweight. She changed my life by teaching me that exercise and nutrition must be part of one’s daily life. I truly appreciate Helene’s positive encouragement and her highly motivating can-do approach to exercise. As an asthma sufferer, I never dreamt I would be able to run three-four miles, but today that is no problem for me. When life’s daily pressures start to get me down and I start to lose my motivation, Helen reminds me of how much I’ve accomplished in the last 10 years. Carol H.

I had never really considered a personal trainer but as my flexibility began to diminish at 63 and I experienced more injuries due to everyday activities, I knew it was time to make a change. Our initial goal was improving my flexibility but as that increased-allowing me to return to activities I always thought were out of reach for me–we added strength training. Frankly, I am surprised by how much function returned and how pain-free I am. Helene’s coaching style is informal, fun and motivational. Her knowledge of how the body works even impresses me, a medical doctor. Seth B.

As a breast cancer survivor, I was amazed at how quickly I lost muscle tone and strength after almost two years of treatments and five surgeries. I had horrible balance, fell and broke several bones while trying to deal with other surgical side effects such as poor range of motion, tightness around scar tissue, and incredible joint and muscle pain. Today, I am TOTALLY pain-free, have increased energy and much more flexibility and strength. Losing two pant sizes was a bonus I never even considered. More cancer survivors and even post-surgery patients definitely need to know about Helene’s customized training programs. Joan Z.